Best Blender Brands 2017

best-blender-brandsA blender can be both one of the main household items and a great way to get the daily nutrient intake, and also, if not used properly or if you didn’t choose the right blender brand, a blender can prove to be quite a pain. Many reviewers out there have had bad experiences with several brands of blenders, so in order to avoid this happening to you, I have comprised here a list of the best brands that produce blenders, based on the quality of their products and on the reviews they received over the years.

Top 5 Best Blender Brands

Vitamix Blenders

On the market today, there are two main competitors that are constantly fighting for the “best blender” title. One of them is Vitamix. All it takes is a single look at this monster of a blender and you will understand why it is so popular. All the blenders created by Vitamix have a few common characteristics: they have a very powerful motor that can cut through anything, they are heavy, tall, noisy, but they pulverize anything you put in them, whether they are peanuts, regular fruits or ice. All the mixes you will get after using it will be perfect, thanks to the motor and the razor sharp blades.

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Blendtec Blenders

The main competitor of Vitamix is Blendtec. This brand of blenders has another set of characteristics which, on a technical level, are very much the same as the ones Vitamix has, but there are some things that differentiate the two. First, the Blendtec is much lighter than the Vitamix, but the motor is just as powerful. It is way smaller than its counterpart and it can easily fit in any kitchen cabinets and the design is much more beautiful than the one Vitamix produces. Besides this, the Blendtec blenders have razor sharp blades that cut through anything and powerful motor that sometimes spins the whole blender.

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Ninja Blenders

Although the Ninja blenders cannot match the power of the Vitamix or Blendtec, they are one of the best blender brands, because their products are, according to make reviewers, very good, durable and attractive. The usual Ninja blenders are created to cut through any type of fruit or vegetable very fast, to blend everything perfectly, and to replace as many other kitchen appliances as possible. Some Ninja blenders come with different cups depending on the size of the drink you want to prepare or on the person you are making the drink for. All in all, Ninja is one of the best blender brands, as they strive to offer quality products at very low prices.

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Hamilton Beach Blenders

This historical brand has brought some of the best blenders on the market. Although their products can never be compared with the top two in the business, Vitamix and Blendtec, they strive to offer their customers the best blenders at affordable prices. The Hamilton Beach blenders are usually quality products, as they can last for a very long time and they have all sorts of new technologies that help you blend every fruit or vegetable perfectly in as little time as possible. One of these technologies is the “Wave ~ Action” one that makes sure that all the ingredients added in the mix are perfectly and evenly mixed. A great plus for the Hamilton Beach blenders is the fact that their design is very elegant and they are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

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Oster Blenders

The Oster blenders are quite unique, considering the fact that they can be used both as blenders for smoothies or drinks in general, but also as food processors. They are usually small and the design is attractive, although they can’t match the Hamilton Beach’s. The stainless steel blades make sure that no whole piece of fruit or vegetable gets into your drink or food, which is a plus. The very powerful motor they have, together with the blades are a great combination, as they cut through anything. Over the years, Oster has managed to merge affordability with performance. Oster is one of the best blender brands out there and, although their blenders do not really compare with Vitamix or Blendtec, they should definitely be taken into consideration when looking for a new blender to buy.

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