Reviews on the Best Juice Extractors 2017

Owning a good juice extractor can help you quite a lot to develop a great healthy lifestyle by drinking a lot of juices filled with nutrients, vitamins and many other beneficial substances. However, considering the fact that the market for this particular type of juicers, the ones that extract the juice, contains thousands of models, choosing the best one that comes at a reasonable price is not easy. On the contrary, it’s quite difficult.

To help you choose the best juice extractors for your needs, here is a list of the greatest juice extractors, according to the customer reviews and based on the number of sales:

Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain 700-Watt Juice Extractor Review

Widely known and popular on the market, the Breville brand is known for their quality products. The BJE200XL is no exception on this rule, because according to Amazon, it is the current number one juice extractor and the pleased customers come with the thousands.

The many features it comes with include a 700-watt motor that is bound to go through any fruits, regardless of the type of exterior they have, an extra large feeding tube of 3 inches where you can add fruits cup in large pieces, a stainless steel filter and a centered knife blade assembly that combined with the powerful motor, can cut through any type of fruit, be it soft like bananas or having a hard exterior such as nuts. The design is attractive and beautiful, but at the same time, it is small and can fit any kitchen.

All in all, the Breville BJE200XL is a great juice extractor that can definitely improve your days by helping you get the vitamins and nutrients from fruits that give you the necessary energy for the day.

Black & Decker JE2200 400-watt Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor Review

Black and Decker, although not as known as Breville on the market, have managed o create a gorgeous looking juice extractor that has a lot of features destined to make your life easier. The most notable component that comes with this juicer is, as the title suggests, a custom juice cup that allows you to measure the exact quantity of juice you want.

The powerful 400 watt motor together with the stainless steel cutter and strainer are able to handle any type of fruit or veggies, hard or soft and the on/off switch comes with a dual safety lock to prevent children from turning it on. The pulp collector is very helpful, as it is integrated within the juice extractor. This means that it occupies less space on the kitchen counter or on the table, thus making the extractor much easier to store and manipulate.

Although not very popular on the market, Black & Decker have managed to create a very useful, small juice extractor with a powerful motor and a sharp stainless steel cutter that is bound to improve your life and make the juicing experience much easier than before.

Hamilton Beach 67608A Big Mouth Juice Extractor Review

Hamilton Beach have made a name for themselves on the market, being known as a brand that promotes attractiveness and quality blenders and juice extractors. The 67608A model is a typical Hamilton Beach model: beautiful, high quality and cheap in comparison with other models.

First of all, the Hamilton beach juice extractor has a very useful mouth that is large and allows large pieces of fruit and vegetables to be put in it. This way, the time for creating juice is drastically decreased. The juice extractor comes with a large pulp container that allows you to add more fruits, without worrying about the pulp container being too full. The 800-watt power motor will definitely extract everything from any fruit or vegetable, no matter the exterior.

All in all, the Hamilton Beach juice extractor is an affordable price, with a lot of features that allows you to obtain the juice you want in very little time, while at the same time looking beautiful and being small and practical. 


Having a juice extractor can majorly improve your health life, because you can easily obtain all the nutrients and vitamins you need to boost your energy level through the day. No matter what juice extractor you will choose, no matter the price, will definitely be a great investment.

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